Tuesday, November 27, 2007

La Follia

Here's the Corelli La Follia (Op.5 no.12) for:

Violin and continuo (cello)
Viola and continuo (cello) - in g minor

and here's a Follia by Vivaldi for string trio:

Violin 1
Violin 2/viola


Rayah Mundi said...

hey, can i have free score christmas for two violin? thanks. my name is apolosius from indonesia city and west borneo country.

e said...

Hi! I am not able to locate this -- the URL is not found. Can you repost? THanks!

Rich said...

There are many more files available at the Werner Icking Music Archive!

Eva said...

hi, great site this is! My mum and I both play the violin and enjoy playing duets... So I was actually searching the arrangement for 2 violins, does anyone have this for me? Or other nice duets? They don't have to be too easy, we've been playing for over 20 years (oh my..)